Property Investment Tips For First Time Investors In Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental

Regular investors could be cool when it comes to investment and property investment in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. But it is not so easy for the beginners. The big questions, like, where to invest, how to invest and how much to invest, if taken lightly could lead to a first time bad experience. And we all know how first impression-last impression saying goes. Don’t we?

So if you are a beginner in property investment, start with the basic: The money, the value, the study and safety. Be patient. It will pay off well.

  • Loan isn’t a bother if you have solid working history, steady job and an average income but my first advice won’t be a loan. Look at all your assets of money inflow and cut out your expenses. How much can you invest? Invest 75-80% of what you plan and don’t keep down payments. Down payments are for regular investors. Be safe, you are a first-time. There would be next opportunity when you would already know what to do but not now. Make a budget plan before getting out there.
  • Have you looked into where you want to make this investment? We don’t mean reading books and materials and attending seminars. We don’t mean taking advice from regular investors, agents or advisors. We mean pounding the pavements on your feet and looking around the neighbourhood. Check the demographics according to the kind of property you are interested to buy. And always keep in mind that you want the value to increase with time so is the locality suitable? Find out the rates. Find out the amenities. Maybe talk to the locals even in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.
  • Also it is extremely essential for first timers to be extra careful in case of huge investments like property. Take extra precautions like making all the necessary background checks on the owner, land, agents and so on. Look into the reason of the property being sold. You can never be through enough where money is involved. Taking such step may also help in a good price bargain and suitable negotiations.

Start!!! You know what to do.

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